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A Unique Feature

Leave the beaten track and discover a European destination you might not be able to on your own! These trips are suitable for a variety of athletic abilities, and DIS ensures the trips offer good value for money as they are subsidized to ensure they are affordable and accessible to all students.

DIScovery Trips

DIScovery Trips are not embedded in a course and do not yield any credits. They are purely fun and, well ... full of adventures and activities! You will focus on a theme, whether it be sustainability or hiking, and gain more insight on the destination. DIS subsidizes the trips by 15 percent of the cost on average.

DIS Travel Weeks

The two program-integrated study tours, covered by tuition, are an integral part of the DIS semester. The program-integrated short study tour takes place during core course week and the program-integrated long study tour takes place during one of the first two travel weeks. Different programs travel during different travel weeks, so please consult student registration, 'get started' page for more details. 

The DIS calendar allows you many opportunities to enhance your curriculum and explore Europe. There are three separate travel weeks built into your semester. One travel week is dedicated to your program-integrated week-long study tour. While you are not traveling with your core course, you can travel on your own or join DIS Optional Study Tours, DIScovery Trips, or a combination of the two. It is up to you to decide. The weekend tours and trips are independent of the travel weeks.

Check out the DIS Calendar for more details. 

Further Information

If you have any questions on Adventure or DIScovery Trips, please write to Study Tours, or stop by the Study Tours office.

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