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Study tours form a central part of the DIS experience. Study tours allow you to approach your area of study in a hands-on and experiential manner, combining theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective. They also give you the chance to see Europe in a meaningful way and to visit people and places you would never otherwise have access to.

Each DIS core course includes two faculty-led, academic Program Study Tours as a fully integrated part of your learning experience. As well as these obligatory core course-integrated study tours, there are also credit-bearing Optional Study Tours that are part of a 1- or 3-credit companion course.

Program Study Tours

With your core course, you will go on a short tour to Denmark or the surrounding region, and a week-long study tour to a European destination that is directly relevant to your core course academics.

The Program Study Tours form an intense combination of academic and cultural exploration and experiences, socializing, and fun. You will visit sites such as (depending on the program) art collections, European Union institutions, multinationals, schools and kindergartens, architecture and design projects, hospitals, media headquarters, NGOs, minority groups centers, and more. Plus you will meet important actors in your field of study. Work performed during the tours forms the basis of course assignments.

Optional Study Tours

The Optional Study Tours at DIS are also academic and embedded in a 1- or 3-credit companion course, which you must take should you want to participate in the tour. This is to ensure quality and depth of the tour. While the Program Study Tours mentioned above are included in the DIS tuition, the Optional Study Tours come at an additional fee. However, they are subsidized by DIS by an average 25 percent of the cost.

Studying Abroad in Summer?

If you're planning on studying abroad at DIS this summer, check out our Summer Study Tours section.

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