Cultural Diversity and Social Capital

Fall & Spring | 3 credits | Core course in Sociology

Core Course Week: a short study tour to Southern Sweden

Week-Long Study Tour: Turkey

Related Disciplines: Anthropology. Ethnic Studies. International Relations. Political Science. Sociology.

A study of the social, cultural, and political mechanisms lying at the heart of cultural conflicts, as seen from a European perspective. This course will be based on two case studies. First, the conflicts resulting from non-Western, mainly Muslim immigration to Denmark and Europe, and second, the uneasy liaison between Europe and Turkey. The course will delve into theoretical analyses of central concepts such as integration, assimilation, multiculturalism, recognition, cultural norms, identity, nationalism, and tolerance.


This is a Draft Syllabus. It is subject to change up until the first day of classes.


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For a class project, we needed to create questions in small groups, then go out into the city to interview Danes on their opinions on immigration. This might have been one of the scariest projects I have been asked to work on, ever. Our questions dealt with opinions on immigrants living in various neighborhoods, how involved the Danes were in their actual neighborhood, and if they felt that immigrants were detrimental to the welfare system in Denmark....

I loved getting an inside perspective on immigration from immigrants, who live here in Denmark every day and deal with being something of an outsider in their home!

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