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Your Freedom of Choice

Choosing your curriculum is the first move in planning your study abroad experience. Your first steps should be:

Please ensure that you meet individual course prerequisites and your home university's requirements regarding academics and credits. Look through the elective course list, and be open to subjects outside your major. You may be surprised by what appeals! Be sure to check out the course syllabi that may be downloaded from the course pages. Also ensure you have a couple of backups in case scheduling conflicts arise.

Courses & Credits

Courses at Danish Universities

A small number of courses open to DIS students are taught in English for both Danish and international students at various universities in Copenhagen. Often these courses require you to be independently responsible for keeping up with the readings and assignments and your course grade may be based on one final exam, which may be an oral exam. Courses offered by a local Danish university can be filtered on the course list page.

DIS Summer Courses

If you're interested in studying in Denmark during the summer, DIS also has credit-bearing summer study abroad courses.

DIS is one of the best study abroad programs out there. One teacher was the Minister of Transportation for the Danish Parliament; another is the head of the Danish Brewer's Association. A great deal of the faculty have their own companies, are CEOs, and senior consultants.

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