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Examine the social, political, and economic issues associated with sustainable development and the range of Danish and European stakeholders shaping the sustainability agenda.



The program is right for you if you are interested in environmental studies, public policy, or general environmental affairs.


>> Sustainable Development in Northern Europe (This course was previously titled 'European Sustainable Development')
You will explore a range of sustainability issues in this course, such as the dilemma of economic growth and energy policy in Denmark and the EU. Beginning with a broader look at consumption, prosperity, and spatial levels of sustainability, you will then delve deeper into more specific, case-based examples of sustainable strategic development while on long study tour.


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Denmark - A Model Country in Sustainability?

  • 50% of all Copenhageners commute to work or study by bike. In total, Copenhageners bike 1.2 million kilometers a year, which equals a trip to the moon and back, twice!
  • Copenhagen is working hard to become the world’s first carbon neutral capital by 2025
  • Biomass accounts for approximately 70% of renewable energy consumption, and wind energy provides 20% of domestic electricity production
  • The European Environment Agency is based in Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen’s district heating system uses waste heat from regional refuse incineration plants and combined heat from power plants to distribute heat through a city-wide pipe system. One incinerator provides nearly 140,000 households with electricity and district heating
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