Justice & Human Rights Justice & Human Rights

Enhance your knowledge of international law and human rights by analyzing the legal aspects and political context behind major modern conflicts and human rights violations in Europe.



The program is right for you if you study political science, international relations, government, human rights, pre-law, or global studies. The real world experience you will gain in this course is highly valuable for students interested in applying to law school.


>> Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict
Examine human rights and the laws of armed conflict, and how they apply to contemporary conflicts. Analyze current events such as piracy off the coast of Somalia, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and recent European armed conflicts in a legal context. Develop an understanding of the legal aspects regulating modern conflicts and how they interact with the political environment.


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Law School in Your Future?

The program has been built to ensure you acquire analytical skills in international legal methods, applying real life examples and case studies with faculty that teach what they do in the real world! If you plan to apply for law school, this program is a great fit for you!


Traveling to Kosovo on study tour really put our academic readings and classroom discussion into concrete perspective. Everyone you meet has been personally affected by the country’s struggles - so the wars, the violence, and destruction is not just something you read about in a book or see in a museum. I saw firsthand the damage and rebuilding process, and talked to individuals who shared their personal stories.

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A Unique Housing Opportunity

Consider applying to live in the Social Justice Living & Learning Community with fellow students who enjoy civic engagement and wish to be active with an international NGO while in Denmark. 

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