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Graphics shape the built environment and play an integral role for our experience of cities, buildings, and objects. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the holistic Scandinavian and European approach to graphic design.



The two tracks of this program ensure it is right for you if you are from a professional school of architecture or design, or if you come from a liberal arts background. You wish to fully engage in the studio discourse, prepare for individual desk critique, and to invest time outside of studio hours developing projects.


>> Graphic Design Studio
In this studio, you will develop your design skills through analysis of Northern European graphic case studies combined with design assignments in visual identity, branding, and signage within the built environment, as well as in the context of Danish design culture.

>> Graphic Design Foundations Studio
This studio offers you an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of, and professional skills within, the field. You will learn the skills needed to build a creative portfolio and gain insight into Danish design culture.


DIS has over 200 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to graphic design and design.

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Wonder what it is like to study Graphic Design in Copenhagen?

Find out here on Helen's blog!

A highlight of our week-long study tour was our day in Rotterdam; it was refreshing, insightful, and inspiring. We started out by taking a trip to a local, but globally-recognized, graphic design studio - Studio Dumbar.

We had the chance to see process work and projects and learn about their triumphs and perils throughout the years. Hearing from designers and seeing what they have produced was an incredible way to feed our design-hungry minds.

Kristin Porwoll University of Minnesota

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Graphic Design at DIS


We at DIS see graphic design as an integral part of the built environment – it shapes our understanding of the world, it helps us find our way, and it creates and solidifies identities. Interdisciplinary studio projects make way for a new understanding of the power of graphic design.

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