European Humanities European Humanities

Four different core courses explore European history, film, art, literature, philosophy, or religious studies in the iconic settings that define the Western tradition.



This program is right for you if you study any discipline within humanities, with particular interest in art, film, history, literature, philosophy, or religious studies, and are interested in the European Tradition within your major.


>> Sense of Place in European Literature, A
In this literature course, we will focus on the interrelation between place and text and discover new comparative perspectives on European literature through in-depth analysis of some of the continent’s most radical authors.

>> Competing Narratives: Modern European History
Study how selective ways of remembering Europe’s past have shaped collective and individual identities. This course examines the complex web of competing historical narratives, studying concepts and discourses in the contemporary field of history and memory studies.

>> Modern Frames: European Art and Cinema
This course examines artistic expression in European film and visual arts. What role does independent film and art movements play in 20th- and 21st-century Europe? How is aesthetics influenced by the changing political landscape? We will do a case study of subversive art in post-communist Prague and meet with Danish directors to discuss film in the late-capitalist era.

>> From Religious Mythos to Philosophical Logos
In this philosophy and religious studies course, you explore the function of myth and the emergence of the rational philosophical mind. You begin with the great poets, philosophers, and prophets of Ancient Greece, including Homer, Sophocles, and Plato - and conclude with works from the modern Continental thinkers: Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.


DIS has over 190 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to history, art history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, film studies, and more.

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Wonder what it is like to study European Humanities in Copenhagen? 

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The depth of study and dedication of my professors in European Humanities was impressive; they all possessed expertise, and paid real attention to students. On the study tour, I spoke with renowned Czech artists and visited important sites in terms of Czech and global history. We learned to view ‘ordinary’ places with new attention and skepticism, to engage with these places and recognize their profound political and cultural resonance – thanks to our study of local history and contemporary ‘memory studies’.

Charles Thaxton Bates College

Elective Courses Feature

Dive in with the experts at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Center, University of Copenhagen, focusing on Denmark’s most radical author:

Why not join Denmark’s most talented young musicians, performance majors receive focused instruction through this elective course with Danish music professors at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the most prestigious conservatory in Denmark:

Delve into the haunting mythological sagas of the Viking Age in the three-credit elective course Nordic Mythology. You will explore beyond the texts you analyze in class on field studies to see historical relics at local history museums, the vellum originals of sagas at the Arnamagnean Institute, as well as a day trip to sail the fjords in a reconstructed viking ship. 


Housing Feature: Arts & Culture House

Request to live in the Arts & Culture Learning & Living Community with your fellow students who have an interest in exploring a broad array of cultural offerings within theater, music, dance, film, painting, and writing.

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