Environmental Science of the Arctic Environmental Science of the Arctic

Explore climate change theory and other environmental issues through the lens of climate history in the Arctic.



This program is right for you if you study biology, chemistry, earth sciences, environmental science, or geology. You should be interested in the hard science behind climate change, combining field work with research in class.


>> Glaciers and Human Impact: Icelandic Climate Change Case Study
This course focuses on the natural science and societal aspects of climate change with a case study from historic times. Journey to the present through periods when the climate was strikingly different from today and examine the mechanisms and feedbacks governing the climate system. With Iceland as a case study, you will gain a thorough understanding of general climate mechanisms, with a focus on how civilizations have interacted with climate processes.

>> Ice Cores and Ice Ages: Greenlandic Climate Change Case Study
This course focuses on the natural science aspects of climate change during the prehistoric time with focus on the glacial and the deglaciation. You will examine climate mitigation and adaptation strategies through the study of past climate developments, especially throughout previous ice ages. The course will focus on pre-human times, and the 100,000 year old Greenlandic ice sheet provides an ideal case study.


DIS has over 200 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to environmental studies, environmental science, and biology.

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Wonder what it is like to study Environmental Science of the Artic in Copenhagen?  

Find out here on Sarah's blog!

During our study tour to Greenland we saw a two billion year old rock polished smooth by a glacier, hiked to a saltwater lake, and examined moss that muskox eat. We took a bouncy ride through the mountainous landscape to Russell Glacier, my favorite part of the trip.

One of the coolest parts about Russell Glacier and Greenland in general was how ‘untouched’ it all seemed. It felt like my classmates and I were the only visitors... All in all, an excellent study tour!

Astrid Adams Smith College

Get Involved!

DIS offers you unique insights into the burning issues of climate change beyond the classroom! Join us during your semester for some of these topical extracurricular activities:

• Weekly DIS Climate Seminars with expert local guest speakers from the Copenhagen community
• Join the Sustainability Task Force to make DIS a more sustainable community or volunteer with local initiatives
• Visit a Danish island famous for accomplishing 100% renewable energy on the Sustainable Samsø DIScovery Trip
• Preference to live in the Green Living & Learning Community (LLC)

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