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Enrich and develop your critical thinking skills through investigating and reflecting on current issues in child development and education.



This program is right for you if you study child development, social policy, human development, family studies, anthropology, education, or sociology, and want to enhance your intercultural skills and explore international theories and practice within the discipline of child and adolescent development.


>> Adolescence in Europe, plus
>> Adolescence in Europe Practicum
Note: This core course will last run in the fall 2015 semester, changing name to Children and Youth in Europe (listed below)

You will explore adolescence by analyzing teen lifestyle, family dynamics, and social services for youth through European perspectives and examine positive youth development in the Danish context.

>> Children and Youth in Europeplus
>> Children and Youth in Europe Practicum
Note: This core course will first run in the spring 2016 semester, replacing Adolescence in Europe)

You will explore the transition from childhood to youth by delving into themes of identity and marginalization in Europe with a focus on intersections between socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, and ability.

>> Child Development in Scandinavia, plus
>> Child Development in Scandinavia Practicum
You will be situated within the concept of Nordic pedagogy in order to examine the topics of free play and quality of life within the Danish social welfare system.

>> Children in a Multicultural Context, plus
>> Children in a Multicultural Context Practicum
You will examine the practices and perspectives on multiculturalism, education, and innovative ways of working with children in Danish culture, pedagogy, and social policy.


DIS has over 200 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to Child Development, Education, Human Development, and Psychology.

DIS Student Bloggers

Wonder what it is like to study Child Development & Diversity in Copenhagen? 

Find out here on Raeven's blog!


The Danish phrase 'en god barndom' can’t be easily translated into English. Basically, it means ‘the good childhood’, and a field study to visit a ‘forest school’ showed us the Nordic interpretation of how the simple phrase can be put into practice in school settings. It was hands down the coolest school I’ve ever seen! There are no fences, borders, or adult supervision. Children are essentially free to make their own decisions and trusted to know their limitations.

Emily Wilkes Davidson College

As someone who wants to educate, the fact that I have gotten to see the Danish way of learning is huge for me. It is everything I have always loved about my childhood, put in a theory and implemented all over the country. Without having this experience, if I was to explain my ideas about education I would get a lot of blank stares and criticisms. After coming here, I can say that it is this theory and practice that backs up my goals and ideas; here is where this system has worked. That is invaluable knowledge for me to have.

Trisha Neel Sonoma State

Hands-On Experience!

We strongly advise you to sign up for the Danish Language and Culture for Child Development & Diversity Students course alongside the practicum, as the Danish language skills teaches you are targeted for this practicum and will be invaluable in helping you to interact with the Danish children you work with!

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