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Whether you dream of building your career in the corporate world or becoming an entrepreneur, this program offers you experience in analyzing and understanding how European businesses operate. 



This program is right for you if you are a student in business, economics, finance, marketing, management, or related disciplines with a strong interest in acquiring business knowledge and skills from an international, cross-cultural, and globalized perspective.


>> Business Entrepreneurship Project
In an intensive hands-on process you will meet and collaborate with some main players on the European entrepreneurship scene, including start-ups, leading venture capitalists, business accelerator set-ups, and policy makers. Your interaction with the entrepreneurial community will be directly applied to your own business venture idea, which you will build and submit to an international competition.

>> European Business Strategy: Case Studies
Through business visits, case studies, and lectures, you will come to understand the European business environment and how it is different from the U.S. You will learn how companies may be impacted by local business environments – a key skill in international businesses. A major element of the course is working with a business on a sponsored project and presenting a solution to the company at the end of the semester.


DIS has over 190 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to business, economics, finance, marketing, and management.

DIS Student Blogger

Wonder what it is like to study International Business in Copenhagen?  

Click here to read Michael Abramson's blog!

In European Business Strategy, we focused on two industries my professor has extensive experience in - brewing and airlines. Through his connections, we completed a sponsor project with Carlsberg! We were challenged to analyze Carlsberg’s most pressing issues, and present our solutions and analysis directly to their Innovation Director at the end of the semester.

I can definitely picture my future solving complex marketing challenges for such a high-profile brand, so it was great that DIS allowed me to do that!

Patrick Buggy Washington U, St. Louis

In Business Entrepreneur Project, we are constantly pushed to network with different and new people - it is one of the best class dynamics I have participated in.

The study tours give you the opportunity to interact with people involved directly in the start-up scene - people running their own start-ups, investing in start-ups, and hosting them.

Tom Goetz Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Career Resouces for You!

DIS offers you unique opportunities for you to build your resume and build your professional network with hands-on experiences here in Europe!

  • International Career Night provides you with an opportunity to meet professionals with diverse international work experience. You will learn what an international career entails, what your options are after graduation, and will be able to network for potential internships and future jobs
  • DIS has partnered with Graduateland, an innovative website connecting you with employers from across Europe offering internship and job opportunities
  • DIS also holds several DIS Career Resources Workshops that coach you in how to best apply your study abroad experience to your resume 
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