Biomedicine Biomedicine

Delve into biotechnology-based methods for disease treatment and the dynamics of drug discovery and development, and build your perspective on the relationship between academia and the biotech industry. 



The program is right for you if you study biology, biochemistry, health science, or a similar discipline, and wish to acquire skills for a future career or graduate degree in the health professions or scientific research.


>> Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development
You will explore biotech opportunities and challenges within medicine, including side effects, antibodies, vaccines, stem cells, and the impact of genomics on drug discovery. The course will present you with case studies that highlight the Danish and European pharmaceutical and biotech research community.


DIS has over 200 elective courses for you to build your curriculum from after choosing your required core course. You have to opportunity to focus on your major or diversify by selecting any combination of courses based on your needs. Click here for electives related to biology, biomedicine/biotechnology, pre-medicine/health science, and public health.

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Wonder what it is like to study Biomedicine in Copenhagen?

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The Biomedicine program taught me the basics of research methods integral to the drug development process in the classroom, while also exposing me to real biotech research happening in Europe outside of the classroom.

Through field study visits involving direct interaction with researchers at academic institutions and private biotech companies both in Denmark and Edinburgh, I learned about the different career paths available in the industry and got hands-on practice in understanding and evaluating cutting edge research in drug discovery.

Caroline Meade Duke University, DIS Student Blogger

Advances in Diabetes - Look Out for This Elective!

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing global diseases, and Denmark is home to Novo Nordisk – the world’s biggest producer of insulin. What better place to gain insight into the disease through studying advances in diabetic research, technologies, and treatments? Take the innovative elective course Diabetes: Disgnoses and Disease.

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