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Academic Study Abroad Programs at DIS

At DIS you have freedom of choice when it comes to building your curriculum. DIS offers you an academically rigorous, hands-on curriculum - taught in English - that is unique to your needs.

Overview of DIS Study Abroad Programs

This integration of course work, field studies and study tours is a unique feature of DIS. The idea behind it is to offer you a strong academic focus while studying and traveling abroad without compromising your ability to freely choose elective courses according to your needs and interests. You may only sign up for one DIS program per semester and you cannot choose in the core course of an other program as an elective. If you stay for more than one semester, you may choose a different program or core course for your second semester.

Being a Student in the DIS Classroom

At DIS you will recognize many elements of classroom teaching are similar to your home institution’s methods. You will be familiar with group work, discussion sessions, projects, and presentations in class. You can also expect a different classroom experience in your courses at DIS. You need to be independently motivated and see work for each class as progress toward a holistic understanding of a subject. Embrace this opportunity as a student abroad to gain new focuses on your field of study, and to take advantage of the freedom and challenges of the education philosophy at DIS.

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Danish Language & Culture

DIS recommends all students take the special course in Danish Language & Culture for a more complete study abroad experience!

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