Meet the Danes Meet the Danes Engage in the Community and Culturally Immerse

Involve yourself in the many cultural opportunities offered to you while studying at DIS, and find out who the Danes really are across a variety of contexts. Pursue a passion and join a club or sports team with friendly Copenhageners, exchange cultural perspectives with a Visiting Family, stop by Studenterhuset for a game of foosball, give back to the community by volunteering, form lifelong friendships in the DIS Buddy Network, learn to speak some Danish, and end the semester calling Denmark a second home.

Danes and Copenhageners alike are known as reserved, yet warm and welcoming people. They are ready to share their culture with you, and also want to learn about yours! All you have to do is challenge yourself to break out of your comfort zone and be curious. We’ll introduce you to the locals, and the rest is up to you!

Danish Language & Culture

Join the 62% of students that take a Danish Language & Culture class, and learn how to speak conversational Danish!

With each new cultural discovery, I not only became more knowledgeable, but also experienced personal growth. I learned to be aware of differences in lifestyle and open-minded to such differences. I learned to let go of what I thought I knew and allow my experiences to shape my cultural understanding... I learned that in order to truly understand culture, I have to be willing to step back from my own American attitude and adapt to a new way of life. And this is exactly what I did.

Victoria Mold Bucknell University

Looking back on my semester, I learned about a new culture, and became friends with a bunch of Danes. I even got to play on a local Ultimate team.

You might be thinking that all of this stuff sounds pretty typical of moving anywhere new in the world. And that’s because it is. I think ‘study abroad’ has a ton associated with it, and the term is hyped up to seem like some magical getaway. In some sense it is, but I learned that the majority of it is just living…And that’s how it should be. I’ve learned that I’m a flexible person and could probably live just about anywhere in the world. There’s a transition period but once you’re living there, you’re just living life, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Patrick Buggy Washington University in St. Louis
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