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The credit structure at DIS mirrors most North American institutions. Most courses are three credits, while a few carry one or six credits. Semester students take 12-18 credits, including no more than 15 credits from three- or six-credit courses.

Studying at DIS should not delay your graduation, as long as you take the necessary steps to clear your courses and credits with your home university before starting your study abroad semester or year.

Credit Transfer

The best way to make your DIS credits count for something back home is to plan ahead! Meet with your study abroad office and academic advisor, have a few courses picked out and bring syllabi to help your advisors determine transfer details. If you need additional information, contact the North American Office at 800 247-3477, non-U.S.: (612) 627-0140 or click here to send an e-mail.

School of Record

The University of Minnesota is the DIS school of record, which issues official transcripts to institutions that are unable to accept the DIS Final Grade Report as documentation of credit earned abroad. There is an additional fee of $350 for this service. Students will receive additional information about School of Record during program registration.

Reporting of Credits & Grades

Final Grade Reports are sent at the end of each semester/year - one copy to the student and one to your home university (or the one that admitted you to DIS). These reports include courses taken, grades and credits earned. Grades are A-F like at home, and the full report is in English.

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