Folkehøjskole A Danish Education For Life

Imagine living on the rural campus of a small liberal arts college with a population of about 80 students, and you will begin to understand life at a Folkehøjskole, a unique Danish learning and living tradition dating back 150 years. Danish and international students live at the school and participate in a wide spectrum of courses and extracurricular activities that are not graded but meant to give resident students an ‘education for life’. While you will not participate in all aspects of the Folkehøjskole’s courses and activities, you will get a taste for this special living environment and enjoy this truly unique Danish experience!

The Folkehøjskole option is known for its great social environment, with lots of planned events and daily meals, where all students eat together. The social environment is enhanced by the fact that all students arrive at essentially the same time, meaning everyone is eager to meet new people! Although it is a Danish tradition, not all students at the Folkehøjskole will be Danes. Due to the unique concept, young people from all over the world are travelling to Denmark to experience the life of a Folkehøjskole.

The Folkehøjskole Option Is Right For You If You Are Willing To:

The Comprehensive Housing Fee Includes:

*Cleaning is not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the meal plan work?

You will be part of a mandatory daily breakfast and dinner meal plan (dinner is every night at 18:00), and you will be dining alongside the rest of the Folkehøjskole. Lunch on the weekend is also included. Within the meal plan you will be asked to assist in the kitchen once every-other week according to the particular staff plan. This is easy work and something all residents at the Folkehøjskole are required to take part in.

The meal plan will not be in effect during your travel breaks. Lunch during the week is not available, but you will have a shared kitchenette to store and cook your own food at those times.

How much interaction will I have with the Danish residents in the Folkehøjskole?

By choosing this housing option you will be living and dining alongside the students living at the Folkehøjskole, but they attend their own classes onsite while you will be attending DIS classes and be part of the DIS academic program. So be friendly and engaging from the start in order to meet your neighbors. Folkehøjskole has a lot to offer such as film nights, concerts, theme parties, and more!

Is the commute always this long?

Yes… but once you get adjusted to it, you will start enjoying the beautiful ride and be able to use the peace and quiet on a train for doing your homework or relaxing.

Application Information

You will preference your housing choices during the registration process. This housing option is assigned on a first come, first served basis, and your housing lottery date determines whether you get into this housing option.

DIS does not take requests to place friends in the same room as our experience has been that students integrate better when they live with other students that they do not know previously.

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