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Where you live is an important part of your study abroad experience, and hopefully the basis for a rich cultural and social interaction during your time in Denmark!

Unless otherwise advised by your home institution, you have six housing options to choose from at DIS. You should read the options carefully and request the housing option that best suits you:

Homestay | Living & Learning Community (LLC) | Kollegium | Residential Community  (previously titled 'DIS Residential Community - DRC)| Folkehøjskole | Rented Room (previously titled 'Danish Roommate')

If you’re interested in arranging your own housing while in Copenhagen, please visit our independent housing page.

Compare Housing Options

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All options ensure you live with English speakers. You are encouraged to maximize your exposure to Danish culture and language during the semester, no matter what your housing choice.

Guaranteed Housing

DIS guarantees housing to all students who request, and pay for, DIS-arranged housing. This does not mean that all students will get their first preference for housing. Students may find themselves in their second or third housing preferences if they register late or if they attend a home university sending a sizable cohort to DIS. DIS strives to evenly divide students attending DIS from the same university among the available housing options. We find this gives all students a chance to meet new people and be encouraged to engage with their new community. 

The DIS housing department will find you the best possible housing match, and to help you maintain healthy relations with your hosts and neighbors during your time at DIS. If you chose to stay with a homestay or a Danish roommate, know that they are vetted by DIS, with many roommates being former homestay members.

The deadline for requesting DIS housing is approximately one month before the term's official arrival day. However, please do not wait until the last minute to submit the My Housing form. Switching from DIS-arranged housing to independent housing or from independent housing to DIS-provided housing, after the deadline, will result in a $100 fee plus any additional direct costs.


All students attending the DIS program will have to commute by bike, bus, train, and/or metro, whether it be to classes at DIS, classes held at other institutions, field studies, study tour departures, extra curricular activities, etc. Commute times to DIS classes can be up to 70 minutes one way. Public transportation in Copenhagen is clean, safe, punctual, and efficient.

This is part of living as a Dane and in a city. Many Danes live in greater Copenhagen and commute by public transportation or bicycle into Copenhagen daily for work, studies, and entertainment. 

If you will be living in DIS-arranged housing, you will be provided a transportation pass so that you can get from their housing to classes and other activities. If you are within walking distance to DIS, you will not receive a transportation pass for getting to class, but may receive a pass in order to get to other field studies/activities. Or, you can chose to bike commute.

DIS Housing Policies

Please make yourself familiar with the various DIS Housing Policies. DIS does not permit you to request a specific roommate or to request to live in a particular building/location.

Finding Out About Your Housing Placement

Around 10 days prior to arrival, you will receive the housing placement and the exact address. DIS puts a lot of effort in making the right housing match for you. This is why it is extremely important that you provide correct and detailed information on the My Housing form as early as possible.

Getting Oriented To Your Housing

Housing & Student Affairs will be available for you on Arrival Day and during the DIS Arrival Workshop, where you will receive information and a personal folder with answers to, hopefully, all of the questions you might have.

Sam Hosman

I live in a homestay about a 30 minute commute to DIS. We spend time together on the weekends and at night (I would never miss one of my host mother’s dinners!). Yes, there are times when my friends are going out on Friday night and I have to choose between dinner with my Danish family and going out. Do you want to know the truth? I pick my family almost every time: home cooked meals, that comfortable couch, and an incredible host mother who teaches me a little Danish.

Living in Denmark is one thing, but living with the Danes is a whole other level of cultural learning!

Sam Hosman Pacific Lutheran University
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