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Study Abroad Summer: Courses & Sessions

Studying abroad with DIS allows you to pursue a dream summer. Courses with field components and study tours are designed to maximize your time academically and culturally. DIS courses focus on burning issues of our time such as human trafficking, public health, urban development, climate change, emerging markets, and much more. Courses are taught in English by faculty who are experts in their field and ‘teach what they do.’

Highlights of Summer 2015 at DIS

Session Start and End Dates - Summer 2015

Session 1: 3 Weeks, 3 Credits
May 25 - June 13

Session 2: 3 Weeks, 3 Credits
June 15 - July 4

Session 3: 4 weeks, 4 Credits
July 6 - August 1

Architecture & Design Session: 7 weeks, 7 or 9 Credits
June 15 - August 1

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How Can You Build Your Summer?

At DIS, you are free to pick any combination of courses irrespective of discipline, length, or credits available. Below are just a few scenarios out of many more that are open to you:

>> Mix and Match It Out: Choose from three, four, or seven-week single course options, or mix and match summer sessions to stay six, seven… up to 10 weeks and up to 12 credits!

>> Focus on Your Major: Choose two or three courses from different sessions that are related to your major - for instance, Corporate Social Responsibility in Session 1 and Emerging Markets in Session 2

>> Follow A Passion: Maybe you are a psychology or communication major who has a passion for architecture and the built environment - why not take a three-week course in Session 1 in your major and follow it with the seven-week Architecture Foundations Studio for a diverse and interdisciplinary summer ?

>> Stay Single: Pick a single course from just one session. Stay for three weeks by choosing a Session 1 or Session 2 course, for four weeks with a Session 3 course, or for seven weeks with an Architecture & Design Session

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