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  • Connie LuIt’s Turkey Day and I’m thankful that I’m finally writing this blog post at 2:43AM. It has been a while, but time flies when you’re having fun…and drowning in classwork. To make this blog less of a regurgitation of my travels two weeks ago, I’ve decided to select one memorable ... >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerPretzel. Cheese. Chocolate. Veal. Pretzel. Cheese. Chocolate. Wait! Another meal?! If one thing’s for certain, the Swiss don’t skimp on their food, and neither did we! Complimentary chocolates, daily HOT chocolates, cheese platters, cheese fondue (Okay, we didn’t actually have this because we decided the two of us were incapable ... >>Read more

  • Hannah Durant I know I say this in every single post…. but the time between travel breaks has gone by insanely fast. I think I might be living in a time warp. For our third… Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Karina PatinoHey Everyone! I apologize for not posting more, I never expected to be so busy with classes and traveling. But I will be posting as much as a can as I have a lot of stuff to blog about. I am only here for three more weeks which is crazy! ... >>Read more

  • Glen BradleyThis year marks the first Thanksgiving I’ve not spent with family. In the most recent years my sister, parents, and I would wake up the Wednesday before and drive to our grandparent’s place in Jefferson City (a short three hour drive from Kansas City, Missouri). Mom would bring her famous ... >>Read more

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