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  • Amanda SpitzenbergerCyrillic, Red Square, Fur, Cold, and Vodka – There’s only one place we could be. Moscow! Now, I am fully aware everything previously listed is a stereotype – Part of an international image. However, I did have close encounters with all the above within the first 8 hours of being ... >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogIn fall 2013, Michelle Zucker enrolled in the Urban Design program and experienced Copenhagen for the very first time. Before studying abroad, she might not have known it – but Denmark would actually become her home. Read about what sparked her to stay … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogLooking around the streets of Copenhagen, you’ll quickly discover that Danes like their flag. In Danish, the red and white flag is called dannebrog, meaning the ‘flag of the Danes.’ As Europe’s oldest kingdom, Denmark’s flag is most likely Europe’s … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogSiri Tellier holds a Master’s from the Harvard School of Public Health, has decades of experience in the field, and brings this international context to the DIS classroom. As the faculty for Health Beyond Borders, Siri’s professional background and anecdotes … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Natalia PfeiferOh boy, am I tired. Not only because I woke up at 5:30 am to get the airport, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s the 10 miles I walked today while learning about the advancements in Ireland that took place over the course of centuries, spanning from Medieval battles ... >>Read more

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