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  • Elyse Lawson With the start of second semester came the remembering of my first day with my new Danish family. It seems absolutely crazy that I’ve been with them for over five […] >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerIf you’re given a choice between leaving and staying, take a moment to think about it. Sometimes it can be so easy to pack your bags, grab your EuRail pass, and leave. Really nothing is stopping you. And in the middle of the semester, that’s okay. It’s good to experience ... >>Read more

  • Annette LeeI never posted these picture from our last social from the AD department at the bastard cafe. there was free beer and a lot of excitable chatter, and an awards ceremony at the end. it was so lovely being able to socialize with everyone after our final review, most of ... >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerI finally, finally, FINALLY have my computer back. With all the time that’s past you would think this is what I did to it….. I didn’t. But, now I can finish what I started…. regardless of how late it may be. I did plan ahead however!! I actually wrote this ... >>Read more

  • Elyse Lawson New Years tends to be the beginning of the idea that you’re going to be totally different this year. Maybe you promised that you were going to eat healthier, or spend […] >>Read more

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