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  • GraceAh the favorite past time of Danes - drinking. If not taking a long sip of Carlsberg by the water with friends, it will definitely be at night. Although the sociological answer for why the Danes love drinking, and so at such frequency and quantity is not crystal clear, I ... >>Read more

  • AnaI’ve been back in the US for just over a month at this point. The first week I was back all the allergies of the last five months hit me at once, I lost my voice, and I was diagnosed with a torn ACL (a pre-abroad injury). Clearly I should ... >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogName: Marissa Buffo Home University: Indiana University Summer Session 1 Course: Human Trafficking in a Global Context Summer Session 2 Course: Emerging Markets ”Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” I find H.C. Andersen’s quote resonates with me more and more as … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogName: Simran Khadka Home University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Summer Session 1 Course: Health Delivery and Prioritization in Northern Europe Summer Session 2 Course: Children in a Multicultural Context The only remaining task left on my bucket list is to climb … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogName: Jennifer Abplanalp Home University: University of Wisconsin – Madison Summer Session 1 Course: Livability in the Modern City Summer Session 2 Course: Food Systems I’m amazed that three weeks have already gone by. It feels like I’ve only just got but have been … Continue reading → >>Read more

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