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  • Hannah Durant So I guess before I disappear for a week I should give a little update of what I’m up to. I arrived in London last night and will be here for 2 days.… Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Jordan SessaSo, last weekend I went to a soccer game (fodbold in Danish). It wasn’t just any soccer game though, it was a match between FC Kobenhavn and Brondby, the biggest rivals in the Danish League. The fans of these two teams are passionate, dedicated, and they hate each other, so ... >>Read more

  • Lindsey SusolikThis past Wednesday I had two field studies, one for “Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia” and the other for “Venice: Power, Art, and Urban Space”. The field studies that DIS sets up are extra sessions outside of class that allow us to go off campus and enhance our education. ... >>Read more

  • Joey BelongerHej alle! So, one thing that I was super nervous was about when applying for study abroad was figuring out what housing option to pick. At my program we have a thing called Living and Learning Communities (LLC). They’re groups of 10-15 American students that are centered around a theme. ... >>Read more

  • Glen BradleyPhew! What a week! Core Course Week is sure packed tight! I’ve had some posts that had been put on the back burner last week but they should be up by the weekend! First, the onsdags snegle! What is that? This: Simply put, it is the absolute best cinnamon roll ... >>Read more

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