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  • Jane If you choose to live in a kollegium (which you most definitely should!) there is a resource called the Kollegium Connections Fund which you must absolutely utilize! It is a fund set aside for kollegium residents to apply for and use in order to bond with their fellow residents. This ... >>Read more

  • SarahSaturday morning we left Prague at 7:45am for Berlin. I was starting to get sick of bus rides, especially after the last experience. When we arrived in Berlin, we took the S-bahn to our hostel where we dropped off our stuff. Then we went to lunch, and this is where ... >>Read more

  • MaggiePhew! It’s been quite a week – working hard on Architecture Assignment 3 (pictures for sure after the break!), getting ready for a trip to the UK next week (!!), and suddenly lots and lots of baking! These are delicious… Continue reading → >>Read more

  • EricFor our first study tour, my Hamlet class went, of course, to Hamlet’s castle in Helsingor (known to... >>Read more

  • AnaSo far I haven’t said much about my homestay experience, but now it’s time to break the silence: my host family is AWESOME. Lotte and Sebastian have been fantastic people to live with. Sebastian is 11 years old and is in fifth grade. He is an excellent basketball player. Lotte ... >>Read more

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