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  • Justyna KepaSo last weekend I spent my days with other DIS students in Sweden enjoying a great weekend which left me slightly sore, but most of all very happy. DIS offers DIScovery Trips (see what they did there DIS-covery, just brilliant). … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Hannah Durant So I guess before I disappear for a week I should give a little update of what I’m up to. I arrived in London last night and will be here for 2 days.… Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Jordan SessaSo, last weekend I went to a soccer game (fodbold in Danish). It wasn’t just any soccer game though, it was a match between FC Kobenhavn and Brondby, the biggest rivals in the Danish League. The fans of these two teams are passionate, dedicated, and they hate each other, so ... >>Read more

  • Lindsey SusolikThis past Wednesday I had two field studies, one for “Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia” and the other for “Venice: Power, Art, and Urban Space”. The field studies that DIS sets up are extra sessions outside of class that allow us to go off campus and enhance our education. ... >>Read more

  • Joey BelongerHej alle! So, one thing that I was super nervous was about when applying for study abroad was figuring out what housing option to pick. At my program we have a thing called Living and Learning Communities (LLC). They’re groups of 10-15 American students that are centered around a theme. ... >>Read more

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