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  • Elyse Lawson By now, I’m sure that everyone has read or seen the NYT article about what to do while in Copenhagen for a very short period of time – if you […] >>Read more

  • Annette Leethis thanksgiving in denmark, I’m thankful for: half-off pastries at netto danish apples making fun of each other with my host mama host cats trying to snuggle when I get home studio almost being done the sun, when it comes out (miss you, california) lovely parents for letting me jet ... >>Read more

  • Jon HansonBefore leaving the States for four months, I did quite a bit of thinking about what I would miss the most from America during my stay in Europe. If you have been reading my blog at all this semester, you might have noticed my passion for eating, so this probably ... >>Read more

  • Connie LuIt’s Turkey Day and I’m thankful that I’m finally writing this blog post at 2:43AM. It has been a while, but time flies when you’re having fun…and drowning in classwork. To make this blog less of a regurgitation of my travels two weeks ago, I’ve decided to select one memorable ... >>Read more

  • Christina RaquelObvious title choice? Maybe. But I had to. Immortal words to live by from the great Lady Gaga. I had a great night at the DIS gender bender party at […] >>Read more

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