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  • KelseyAfter only a few hours of sleep, my host family and I left for the airport at 4:45AM. I felt so blessed that they would all get up at the crack of dawn to see me off. Once my bag was checked in, I gave them all a huge hug. ... >>Read more

  • SarahMaking the most of my last day in Denmark, while I’ll never be ready to leave I’ll always be happy to have had this place as my home for 4 months. (at Møns Klint) >>Read more

  • EricUpdate: GEESE CROSSING!! >>Read more

  • NatalyaSo… It is the night before I depart for Boston, and I still can’t believe it’s time to go home. Sitting in the living room with my host family this evening just feels so comfortable and so…. normal. It certainly doesn’t feel like a place I should be leaving tomorrow ... >>Read more

  • KelseyThis was a rather relaxed finals week compared to my stressful, 24-7 study finals weeks at CMC. I had three tests, and a couple of papers, but nothing was too difficult. I’m glad it wasn’t too much work, because my focus levels were at an all time low. My last ... >>Read more

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