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  • Jon HansonAs a field study for my Intermediate Danish class this past Wednesday, I journeyed to Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen, to see Dyrehaven. Meaning “the deer park” in Danish, Dyrehaven is a forested area of more than 10 square kilometers filled with a huge population of deer. The history of the ... >>Read more

  • Yana AzovaTry as I may it’s impossible to escape the thoughts that there are only three weeks left in the semester. The topic comes up in conversations left and right. As part of my final project for Danish class I need to write a reflection paper on my semester here. So, ... >>Read more

  • Jordan SessaSo winter has come to Denmark, and along with it Christmas spirit and pretty awful weather. I think the two go hand in hand, because the darker and colder it gets, the more people need something to look forward to. It makes sense that people start celebrating Christmas a little ... >>Read more

  • Maggie SteinA slow week after the last travel break: I can’t believe I’ll be home in 23 days! It feels like I just got here! Still so much to see and […] >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerNorway did it again. Only this time, I never wanted to leave. If we decided to pack up and move to Bergen tomorrow, there would be nothing and no one to stop me. I mean, I wouldn’t want to go alone, so that means everyone related/friends with me would have ... >>Read more

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