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  • Gavin CrowellThis’ll be a fun post. You heard about academia on my last post; here’s what I’ve been doing when I’m not in the classroom or doing what my class dictates. First, I met my visiting family! Having watched my friend meet their families for weeks, I was anxious to meet ... >>Read more

  • Gavin CrowellTo all my dedicated readers, of which I know there are several, I deeply apologize for my lack of posting of late. But when you hear the sheer volume of things I’ve done over the last seven days, you’ll understand. And hopefully you’ll enjoy hearing about them! I craftily alluded ... >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerPig slaughterings, wind turbines, Jelling Stones, and the Scandinavian welfare state – Welcome to the abbreviated (but, without doubt, long-winded to some) retelling of Core Course Week, Globalization and European Economies B Style! Before I begin, for anyone unfamiliar with Core Course week – it is a period of five ... >>Read more

  • Justyna KepaIf I haven’t sold you on the idea that DIS is the best study abroad program ever, then this post might change your mind. So the beauty of the program is how the semester is organized. Basically, there is no … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Maggie SteinFirst of the four travel breaks down and it was awesome!! The first travel break (“short study tour”) was specifically for MCC, so we spent the whole three days looking […] >>Read more

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