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  • Karina PatinoI have been so busy that I have not been able to make any posts but I will now be updating this blog frequently. This post is about all the things that I have been doing in Copenhagen these past couple weeks! I have been exploring the city. It has ... >>Read more

  • Netherland JoinerOn Thursday, in my History of Sexuality in Europe course, my teacher, Andrew Shields, informed us of the upcoming Pride Parade in Copenhagen. Andrew encouraged us to go to not only expand our knowledge about sexuality in Europe, but also to support Rufus Gifford. For those who don’t know, Rufus ... >>Read more

  • Yana AzovaMy first full week of classes was dominated by the first Architecture and Design (AD) assignment, so most of my time (~ 40 hours) was spent in studio. Here’s my week in photos. A thorough description of my first assignment and what it has taught me to come in the ... >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerI officially finished my first full week of classes! Hard to get used to waking up at 6:15 again. I haven’t had to do that since high school, and I have obviously lost my touch of waking up on the first alarm. I have to set it forty-five minutes early ... >>Read more

  • Jon HansonComing from a small conservative town and being raised under the influence of the Catholic Church, I struggled quite a bit with accepting and understanding my sexuality in high school. Moving to Minneapolis for university — a much more socially liberal area filled with kind and accepting people — worked ... >>Read more

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