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  • Jessica MenachemsonWell, the time has finally come to say goodbye. This is the end of the best four months of my life, and I couldn’t have traded it for anything else. Studying abroad was everything I thought it would be, and 100 times more. Academically, all of my classes were valuable ... >>Read more

  • Amanda SpitzenbergerWHEW. I’m STILL catching my breath from sprinting through the Hamburg train station. 1 minute to make a connection. Never ideal. Especially if you are in one of the world’s most expansive train stations, in my opinion, and have no idea what track you’re supposed to go to. BUT, I ... >>Read more

  • Elyse Lawson I’m so excited to have my first person to ask me questions on my blog! “Hi there! I’m applying to DIS and plan on being there next fall! While reading […] >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogThe task sounds simple: to find the perfect homestay host for a DIS student. We’ve seen over the years, though, that matching is indeed hard work – since it means using a pen, paper, and human reasoning. But the DIS … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogDIS fall student, Tracy Zhang from Wake Forest University, shares her project from her Cross-Cultural Psychology course. Often when DIS students first arrive to Copenhagen, they hear many preconceptions (visit this, stay away from this, etc…) about the multiple neighborhoods, … Continue reading → >>Read more

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