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  • Natalia PfeiferAs I type this, my suitcase lays open, half packed and disheveled, while Spotify’s “Irish Folk – Jigs and Reels” playlist runs through in the background. This can only mean one thing – it’s time for my long study tour! Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Dublin, Ireland with my core ... >>Read more

  • Lindsey SusolikThis post is a little late, as my Holocaust and Genocide class went to Germany for the weekend to see a concentration camp, but better late than never right. We went to see the Neuengamme concentration camp, which is just outside of Hamburg. While we only went for Saturday and ... >>Read more

  • Tim VillaneuvaSo here at DIS it is mid semester exam week, which is for some, terrible. I am not one of those people as I only has one exam this week (however I have two papers due the week after break). It is a stressful week, which can only properly be ... >>Read more

  • Gavin CrowellYesterday, I read a whole lot of biographies. Very few words made their way across any sort of page, and yet I feel remarkably more well-informed than when I left. Cutting away from the convolution, yesterday with the Arts&Culture LLC I went to the Statens Museum for Kunst, which featured ... >>Read more

  • Maggie SteinThis past Wednesday we actually went to a school for the morning! We were all paired up and sent out to different schools than we usually go to for the […] >>Read more

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