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  • Karina PatinoThis past week was core course week, when all the programs in DIS travel for about 3 days and the other 2 days do things around Copenhagen! My public health section went to Western Denmark the first part of the week! Here is everything we did: Monday: Our first stop ... >>Read more

  • Rachel FelgerSo here it is, my blog about my adventure week in the greater Denmark area. Every core course goes on a study tour in Denmark or surrounding areas. Most courses go to locations west of Copenhagen, which is exactly what we did. As a student in the Biotechnology and Drug ... >>Read more

  • Annette Leeamid the architecture and sites we visited during our western denmark tour during core course week, there were other moments that were just as important to the week as just the ‘core course’. each day, dis provided two meals, and usually also covered a drink as well. dis really makes ... >>Read more

  • Tim VillaneuvaSo Core Course week was a week ago or so, which is a week spent with only your core class- mine is European Clinical Psychology. We traveled Monday-Wednesday then had other activities Thursday and Friday. I shall now recount said travels, as they are interesting historically and a very important ... >>Read more

  • The DIS BlogYou might recognize his familiar face from the opening scene of the DIS Faculty Teach What They Do video, and today we were lucky enough to snag an interview with the man himself! Meet urban design expert and DIS faculty, … Continue reading → >>Read more

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