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  • Justyna KepaI remember that in elementary school, reaching the 100th day of school was a big deal (teachers made us do fun projects like bring in 100 of something to share with the class). And while I’m no longer in elementary … Continue reading → >>Read more

  • Annette Leetoday in my danish language class, we went over the verb ‘at savne’, or ‘to miss’. we went around the class saying what we miss (about america) and what we will miss (about denmark). I suppose I am at a weird state, where I am close to neither of these ... >>Read more

  • Annette Leehow do I even explain the experience of the thermal vals in switzerland in comprehensible words? it is a place that all architects know, ergo DIS took us to some thermal baths in the middle of the swiss alps. nothing more needed to be said, because ahhhhh. (some night time ... >>Read more

  • Jessica MenachemsonWhere do I start? Travel week 3: incredible, busy, beautiful, success. Scotland:First, Nina and I went to Scotland and split up to visit our friends in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It was so amazing to see Melissa and see where she’s been studying this semester. It was such a beautiful city, ... >>Read more

  • Matt CorbinAs a native californian, I’m not a huge fan of winter. Bears don’t like winter either. Hence the whole hibernation thing. You’ll have to forgive my absence on the blog over the last several weeks as I’ve clearly been hibernating. Today I realized something… I’m not a bear… and should ... >>Read more

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