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The majority of courses offered by DIS are taught in-house by our own faculty. However, a select number of courses available to DIS semester/year students are taught in English for international and Danish students at various universities and institutions in Copenhagen.

Taking a course at one of the Danish universities in Copenhagen is a great opportunity to be part of student life at a premier university, to meet Danish and international students, and to have a real Danish learning experience.

Danish university courses often differ from regular DIS courses on several counts. Students and their home faculty should be aware of some of these differences:

With this said, please realize that the courses we offer in cooperation with the universities are of high academic quality. They are taught by engaging professors who are excited about having U.S. students enrolled in their class. Students should simply expect a different teaching style than at the home university and be ready to ask questions if they do not fully understand what is expected of them.

A full list of courses available at DIS but taught at Danish universities is available through the course list page - you can see which are held at external institutions by looking at the last column of the chart.

Universities where DIS offers a select number of courses:

The structure of the two classes I took at KU was new to me. You are expected to follow the syllabus, which may be more vague than American students are used to, to keep up with the readings and important dates – instructors won’t usually remind you! You are in charge of learning the material on your own and typically the final written paper and oral exam are the only assignments for the semester. This style of education was beneficial for me, helping to improve my time management and research skills. I returned to the U.S. to write an Honors Thesis in International Studies inspired by the content of these courses.

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